World in Progress

Chapter One

In Which the Party Finds a New Ally in a Strange Place

While the party relaxed and unwound at the local tavern, they overheard bits of gossip regarding a strange monster that was stealing local livestock. Most of the patrons in the bar dismissed the rumors as fantasy, but one farmer claimed that his son had seen the monster take one of the family’s sheep.

Travelling to the farm, the party spoke to the boy, who was happy to share the story of his experience. He described the monster as a short humanoid with dark-colored skin, leathery wings and spines that covered its entire body. He led the party to the edge of the woods, where he claimed the creature flew towards when it stole the sheep.

The party ventured into the woods, tracking the creature the best they could. After a few missteps, including stumbling onto a stirge nest, the party was able to pick up the trail along an old overgrown road. The road led them to a craggy hill, where they encountered the monster, a spined devil. The battle was brief, and even though the creature’s hide was too strong for the paladin’s blade and the rogue’s darts, the mage got a lucky strike with a magic missile and felled the creature.

While investigating the spined devil’s lair, the party discovered a tunnel that led to a large metal door and a strange laboratory within the craggy hill. While exploring the ruined lab, they discovered and defeated many strange enemies, including armored sentinels, a clutch of cockatrices and a crazed water elemental. While investigating a ruined laboratory chamber, they learned that one of the experiments had been resisting their experimentation. While the notes were limited on the subject, it seems likely that the subject escaped and destroyed much of the lab in the process.

While exploring the second level of the facility, the party discovered a series of holding cells. It appeared that all of the creatures within had escaped, with the exception of one. The adventurers discovered a young aarakocra in one of the cells, floating aloft in a column of blue light, seemingly held in stasis. After releasing him, he agreed to follow the party back to Belligar – for now.



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