World in Progress

Chapter Three - Part Two

In Which the Party Makes Some Amazing Discoveries

After finding out that the Crestwood Mercantile had used its influence to block Alvar Tuule’s business dealings, the merchant had no way to sell his goods in Crestwood. Hoping to sell his supplies in the southern town of Carbourne, Alvar begged the party to escort him and his caravan one last time.

The caravan safely arrived at Carbourne, despite getting set upon by a gnoll ambush at the halfway point along the road. When the party arrived at Carbourne, they discovered the city was in the middle of the Festival of Roses. While Alvar Tuule did his business with the local branch of the Royal Traders’ Society, the party was left free to roam.

While Kayomie and Jirou made a name for themselves as party-goers, Vadania and Wes enjoyed themselves and explored the town. While passing a store front, they discovered a small statuette that was nearly identical to the one held by the banshee. While hers appeared to be a small cat-like bride in gowns, this one is dressed as a dapper little gentleman. Suspecting the two are somehow connected, Vadania purchased it from the storekeeper.

While speaking to townsfolk, Vadania learned of a legendary dragon rider that lived near Carbourne. According to the villagers, the Cavalier Kael’estra was a mighty hero who rode into battle on a beautiful radiant dragon. After many years of triumphant battle, the cavalier retired to a mansion east of Carbourne, though nobody has seen her for years. Some say the reason she retired was because her dragon fell in battle, and she sealed herself away from society.

Unfortunately, the area around her villa had since been overrun by undead. Known as the Barrow Fens, the lands were once used as burial grounds for kings and lords. About forty years prior, a dark force entered the land and has slowly been spreading out. The party traveled east to the ruins of Romero, where they encountered and defeated many undead.

After traveling through Romero, the party discovered the Cavalier’s manor, though the mansion has fallen into disrepair. While exploring the villa, the heroes discover many paintings, carvings and statues of the cavalier and are surprised by the sudden appearance of the dragon rider herself.

Despite being (reportedly) over a thousand years old, the elven woman appeared exactly as she did in the paintings. After inviting the players into her home, she enjoyed dinner with them and told them off her story. She told the group that her partner had died sometime before the end of the War of Four Kingdoms, and she retired to the villa near Romero. She goes on to say that she has not been able to tend to her partner’s tomb for quite some time, as a powerful undead presence in the tomb prevents her from entering.

The heroes soon discover that dark presence was actually connected to the banshee at the watchtower. The elven woman explained that the dark warrior was actually a great champion of the Kingdom of Crestwood, who fell in love with a woman of Aerie. The night before their wedding, he discovered she was a spy for Aerie, and ordered her death. Unwilling to witness her death himself, he rode to battle with his finest soldiers and left her to her fate. She professed her love right up to the moment she was hanged. When the warrior arrived at the battle he discovered that a lasting treaty had been signed, ending the war and making the execution of his beloved meaningless. Broken, the warrior left to wander Altyr. Forbidden to pass on to the next realm, he became an undead abomination and drew others to his presence.

The cavalier asked the party to find her partner’s tomb and destroy the dark warrior. In return she told them to take what they wanted from the treasures within. After destroying the monster, they discovered several of the dragon rider’s artifacts, along with the tomb. Engraved upon the sarcophagus was the inscription – Here lies Kael’estra Dragon Singer, warrior of Dol’Ara and dragon-sister to Kelianth the Radiant.

After collecting some of the treasure, the heroes left the crypt. As they headed back to the manor, they encountered the elven woman again. After thanking them for cleansing her partner’s tomb, she walked towards the crypt’s opening. As she passed the party, she transformed into her true form – Kelianth – an ancient radiant dragon. After her transformation, she laid at the base of the crypt, forever guarding her partner’s rest.



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