World in Progress

Chapter Two - Part Three

In Which the Party Fights an Old Friend

After resting for the night, the party returned to the watchtower to explore the cellar under the garrison. There, the party found an escape tunnel that led into a large cavern. Pale, sickly vines clung to the walls of the tunnel, and the party was ambushed by several humanoid plant creatures. While fighting the creatures, the party discovered actual humans under the control of the choking vines. Held hostage by some strange necromatic magic, the party could not save the humans, and instead found the battle dragging on. The battle was suddenly halted by a shadowy person that seemed to control the plant creatures. After following the figure through another tunnel, they discovered the she was actually another survivor of Rin’lar and a friend of Kayomie’s.

The survivor was a huntress from Rin’lar named Reina Dj’sharn. According to Reina, the destruction of Rin’lar was the result of members of the Emeranth Emporium. She explains that a band of guild members entered the town trying to steal magic items and other equipment, a fire dragon’s egg among the treasure. Before the traders could leave the village, a massive fire dragon appeared and laid waste to the village. Reina was spared the destruction when she was accidentally knocked into a well. While in the well, the huntress had a vision of a pale white tree named Gulthias. The tree offered her incredible power, as long as she helped spread its seeds.

At this point, Reina offered Kayomie an invitation to join her quest for revenge against the civilization she blamed for the destruction of Rin’lar. When Kayomie turned down the offer, Raina attacked. Her hunter skills seemed augmented by some strange magic, and she almost succeeded in defeating the party. A well-placed hit by Vadania saved the group, however, and they explored the huntress’s lair. The party continued through the tunnel, which exited at the base of the watchtower’s hill.



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