World in Progress

Chapter Two - Part Two

In Which the Party Rescues the Kidnapped

After leaving the safety of the caravan on the highway behind, the party follows a blood trail up to the entrance of the keep. There, the party is ambushed by a large group of grey gnome in the outer courtyard. The battle there was long and perilous, and the dark creeper that fled the caravan disappeared into a two-story stone building.

While exploring the inner courtyard, the party discovers a dilapidated stable, barely standing under its own weight. Inside, they find a ghostly apparition who turns to the party. “WHERE IS MY BELOVED!? DID YOU SLAY MY BELOVED!?” She screamed at the party and managed to steal the souls of two of the members. The druid Kayomie and the paladin Vadania worked together to defeat the banshee but at great cost.

After defeating the banshee, the party attempted to speak with her, to little gain. They did discover that her “beloved” had disappeared at some point, and she died some 100 years prior. There was evidence that she died by hanging but it was not apparent whether she killed herself or was killed by someone else.



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