World in Progress


In Which the Party Forms Over a Common Enemy

Although brought to the town of Belligar though different motivations, Vadania Silvervein and Wes became quick allies. Vadania had made her way to the small town over rumors of banditry in the area, and wished to lend her aid as a paladin. While approaching the town, she discovered a young girl under assault by several men. Vadania successfully drove them off and made fast friends with the wizard Wes.

Wes had recently come to the town herself. As an unsanctioned mage, she would have been hunted and either forced to join the Imperial Circle or be executed as a heretic. Instead, she fled across the mountains, heading towards a distant aunt’s home in Sturnheim. Unfortunately for Wes, the aunt had passed away some time prior, leaving her home and shop abandoned. After forging some official-looking documents, she presented herself as the deed-holder to the building, and reopened her aunt’s tailoring shop. She chanced across Vadania by accident, while returning from making a delivery to a farmhouse. Several highwaymen attacked her, threatening to take her coin and worse, when a young paladin rescued her.

Meanwhile, the assassin known as Jirou had infiltrated the same band of thieves that was attacking Belligar’s roads. He had lost track of a mark, the man to be his first kill as an assassin, and had tracked him to the Duchy of Crestwood. An informant had told him of the mark’s involvement in the banditry, and he had hoped to find more leads. Before he could, however, the barrel he was hiding in fell off a cart and drifted downstream, where he was stumbled upon by none other than Vadania and Wes.

The three decided to work together to try and put an end to the bandits, and after several pitched battles they stood victorious over the thieves’ camp. The elders of Belligar were gracious and thanked the young adventurers for their help, and rumors began to spread of their accomplishments.



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