Belligar is a small trading post on the edge of the Wilds, near the borders of the Holy Anarion Empire. While still technically free of imperial rule, Belligar still pays fealty to the Duchy of Crestwood, which collects taxes in exchange for protection from local threats. While only about 400 people live inside the city limits, many more dwell outside in farms and pasture lands. The town mostly serves as a trading post for hunters and trappers, and the post brings in a fair trade with the Wild Elves of Rin’lar.


Belligar’s Rest is the largest and nicest tavern in town. It is owned and operated by Abram and Tallisa Yaro, and serves as a meeting hall for important gatherings. A large statue of the hero the town was named after stands outside the front porch.

Fort Woodrow


Abram and Tallisa Yaro are a relatively young couple that run Belligar’s Rest. Abram is well-known for his quiet demeanor while his wife’s boisterous and loud nature has earned her quite the reputation.

Elder Bevan is a grizzled old farmer and one of the local elders of Belligar. He has been a figurehead in the community for decades, and most of the townsfolk ask for his advice on many different topics.


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