Carbourne is a small logging town in the duchy of Crestwood, several day’s journey south of the duchy’s seat. Located on the river known as Tilip’s Run, the town’s logging men and women ride the logs down the river into Crestwood Lake, where they are milled and then shipped off to King’s Crest. The town maintains good relations with the local wild elves, which has proved vital for the operation of the loggers in the Crestwood area. Before the Anarion Empire left, much of Crestwood was clear-cut in the name of progress, and the wild elves routinely attacked logging crews. Today, the wild elves help the humans of Carbourne establish sustainable logging, which has in-turn ensured Carbourne’s position as the main supplier of lumber for the area.

Carbourne is well-known for the Festival of Roses, a week-long celebration of summer that covers the entire town in roses. According to the townsfolk, the War of the Four Kingdoms ended when the roses were at their most beautiful, and the town celebrated by piling the flowers on the bridges in the center of town. Ever since it has been a huge celebration, drawing crowds from all over the kingdom.

Lately, the atmosphere in Carbourne has grown tense. Lord Dalimil, the old ruler of Carbourne, died and his brother Theocratis succeeded him. However, not everyone considers him to be the legitimate ruler of the town, as the old lord left a daughter named Charlot Dalimil. Charlot has recently gained a lot of support from the industry leaders in Carbourne, though the nobles and merchants on the north end of the town still support Lord Theocratis.

Complicating matters further are rumors of a powerful wizard that supposedly has moved into the area. Few agree on the physical description of the wizard. Some claim to have seen an old, shriveled man while others say he is as handsome as he is young and spry. Some reports even claim that the wizard is an old woman who dresses in blue. The only thing that cannot be disputed is the tower that suddenly appeared near the Barrow Fens, to the southeast.


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