Crestwood is a large town in the kingdom of Sturnheim, located on the eastern shore of King’s Crest Lake. Crestwood is the seat of the Duchy of Crestwood, and is owed fealty by towns as far away as the Auridon Mountains. It is one of four duchies of Sturnheim, along with Ord, Aerie, and Phillea.

The ruler of the duchy is a iron-will but respected wo/man named XXX.

The city of Crestwood is well known throughout the kingdom for its powerful guilds. Most of the trade that flows through Altayr comes through Crestwood. From there, it continues on via The King’s Way or the Auridon Highway, or via Crestwood Lake to King’s Crest and the elven city of Lor’dahl. The largest industry in Crestwood is from logging the nearby forest, and the Royal Trader’s Society profits the most from the harvest of fresh lumber.

Historically, Crestwood is noted as the site of many battles. Before the Treaty of Sturnheim, the four duchies were independent territories. Each kingdom sought to fill the power vacuum left by the Empire and carve their own kingdom from the Wilds. Located in the center of Altayr, Crestwood saw some of the heaviest and most brutal fighting of the war. To this day, the Crestwood Forest is considered to be haunted by angry spirits, and the Barrow Fens are likewise feared by the locals.

While the town relies on nearby Crestwood Forest as the source of most of its trade, many people fear the woods. The forest is a dangerous place, even for the most grizzled loggerman, and terrible creatures routinely attack hunters and tradesman alike. Periodically savages will attack from the depths of the forest, testing the city’s defenses. The town itself likely has little to fear, as it boasts a large garrison and strong walls, but the roads around Crestwood are some of the most dangerous in the duchy.

Key Locations

The Royal Trader’s Society
The Royal Trader’s Society is one of the largest trade guilds in the land, and deals mostly with the sale and transport of trade supplies like furs, textiles and lumber. The Crestwood branch is run by a well-aged elven man named Lorian Monet.

Crestwood Mercantile
For the longest time, the Crestwood Mercantile was one of the smallest and least influential of the guilds. Originally a guild for general merchants and the like, its profits were meager at best. Barely six months ago, a young man named Werner Ananias took control of the guild, along with his major domo Cornelius van der Aart. Since then, the guild has grown by leaps and bounds, surpassing many of the large guilds and threatening others with closure.

Treasures of the Serene
Regarded as one of the best curio shops in Crestwood, this store is run by an elven woman named Serene’ Cleo’lia. She has good relations with the Royal Traders Society and is friends with Lorian Monet.

Emeranth Emporium
This organization acts as both an adventurer’s guild and trading post of magical items and strange and magical beasts.

Taverns of Crestwood
- The Champion’s Sword (fine)
- The Bull’s Alehouse (moderate)
- The Drunken Gnome (poor).


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