Gods of Fire

The god of Fire is usually depicted as an egocentric and extroverted person or creature. They are often seen as excitable, impulsive, and restless, with reserves of aggression, energy, and/or passion, and try to instill that in their followers.

The god of Fire tends to draw task-oriented people that are focused on getting a job done efficiently; their motto is usually “do it now.” Followers can be ambitious, strong-willed and usually like to be in charge, demanding respect from those under their protection and guidance.

The god of Fire is associated with Summer, and has Domain over War.


While Aurelius is considered to be the god of civilization, it was the Champion Anarion who built the first great empire. When Anarion first appeared, the nation that Aurelius established was tearing itself apart and on the verge of collapse. Centuries of bickering diplomats and senators created a stale government and several city-states went to war over different ideals.

Like Aurelius, Anarion reunited humanity, but he was a conqueror of fire and blade. Those who would not willingly join the fledgling empire were crushed, and the rest were annexed by the quickly-growing nation. Kingdoms that acquiesced were allowed to govern themselves, and the empire expanded at a rapid rate. For a thousand years, the Anarion Empire reigned supreme of most of Adra, and there was peace.

Many clerics of Anarion wish to resurrect the old empire, or at the least will try and preserve the old ways. Anarion has the most followers of any religion, human or otherwise, and the Holy Anarion Empire rules over the relatively small area that remains under its control. The churches range in scale from humble to grandiose, but most of the leaders are genuinely concerned for their congregations.

Unfortunately, not all woshipers of Anarion are quite so benevolent. The Inquisition is almost completely made up of followers of Anarion, forcing their order upon the chaos of the Wilds. While the Inquisition’s reach officially ends at the borders of the empire, it is not unheard of for witch hunters to travel into forfeign lands to deal with a particularly dangerous mage.

Those who follow Aurelius are most often Lawful Neutral, and the symbol of his worship is a tongue of flame.

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Gods of Fire

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