Dol’craeg (elven: the city of death) was once known as Dol’tyranon (elven: the city of towers). It hold the dubious distinction as the only elven city-state to have fallen under siege. Over a thousand years ago, the champion Anarion led a great campaign into Altyr and conquered the lands for himself. After many failed attempts to lay siege to the elven cities, Anarion grew impatient and threw the entire strength of his army at one of the cities.

It is said that Anarion himself was the first to crack the mighty wall that surrounded the towers, and the strength he poured into the attack threw down the gates and allowed the armies of men into the city. Humans speak of the victory to this day, but elves tell a different story. The stories they tell speak of soldiers murdering men, women and children and pillaging ageless prizes from within the emerald walls of the city.

If there was any good to be had from the siege, it was that Anarion spent too much of his strength and was forced to return home, with the bulk of his military. None of the elven cities were attacked ever again, and an unspoken truce was formed between the elves and humans.

As for the champion, nobody outside his closest advisors saw his face in public again, and it was announced many years later that he had died of old age.


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