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The world of Adra is still recovering from the collapse of the last empire. At its apex, the Anarion Empire stretched across most of the known world, and its rise influenced cultures far away. However, the rulers of the Empire tampered to much with dangerous magicks. As imperial mages over-reached their bounds, the aberrant experiments they created rebelled. As the Empire began to lose control of their creations, they began to lose control of their far-reaching territories.

As magic began to run out of control, mages earned the distrust of the people. Eventually, mages were forced to register as Sanctioned Mages, and the Inquisition was born to hunt down and punish rogue mages. Today, the Inquisition is usually limited to the Empire’s borders, but occasionally a witch hunter will travel beyond the realm to hunt down a specific target.

Even though the Empire has greatly diminished, the effects of their tampering with magic remain. Several new races, such as tieflings, genasi and half-orcs, were the results of imperial tampering. Terrible aberrations roam the wilds, occasionally coming in contact with small villages and unfortunate travelers. Ruins left by the old empire are rich in strange magical items that can be looted by those brave (or foolish) enough to explore them.

The ruins of the old empire are spread all over Adra. Some of the more well-travelled roads are tended to, but most are overgrown and dangerous. Highwaymen plague even the best-kept roads, and patrols are few and far between.

The Moons of Adra


Races of Adra



The dragons of Adra are ancient and powerful creatures, worshiped by some and respected by all. Each breed is attuned to one of the elemental forces that shape the world, with the exception of dragons of shadow and radiance. These special dragons are born where the planes of light and shadow merge with the material world, and even then their births are rare.

Radiant Dragons
Fire Dragons
Water Dragons
Earth Dragons
Air Dragons
Shadow Dragons


Religions in Adra are loosely patterned off of the four elements, plus the added elements of light and darkness. No one element is particularly evil or good, though their domains often cross into areas typically considered to be “good” or “evil”. The domain of the god of darkness, for instance, includes death and night, both important things in the daily life cycle of Adra.

Strictly speaking, there are only six gods in the world of Adra, but each race tends to interpret them differently. For example, both the human god Aurelius and the elven goddess Va’ari are the same deity, and both represent the element of radiance. Also, Aurelius is depicted as a human warrior in brilliant plate armor while Va’ari is visualized as a radiant dragon.

Few people of any one race worship a singular deity. A farmer might pray to the god of Light for good health and the god of Water to provide rain for the crops. The high elves mostly worship the gods Va’ari and Sah’ra (light and darkness), while the dwarves primarily worship the gods of earth and air.

Domain over Light and Knowledge

Domain over War

Domain over Tempest

Domain over Nature

Domain over Trickery

Domain over Darkness and Death

All of the gods hold some domain over Life, save the god of darkness.


The kingdom of Sturnheim and all its duchies reside in a region of Adra known as Altayr. Originally the land of elves, it was called Alta Menel’wyr in the original elven language. The name was shortened to Altayr by the Anarion Empire during the conquest of the region. The oringinal elven translates roughly into “Big Sky Land”, named for its pastoral plains and wide-open spaces.

The Kingdom of Sturnheim
Duchy of Aerie
- Aerie

Duchy of Crestwood
- Belligar
- Crestwood
- Carbourne
- Halfway
- Aelfhyll

Duchy of Ord

Duchy of Phillea

The Free City of King’s Crest
- King’s Crest

Elven City States
- Lor’dahl
- Lor’valri
- Dol’ahra
- Dol’craeg

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