Long before humanity rose up and built their first cities, angels and devils warred over the world of Adra. As the wars dragged on, both sides began to intermingle with the mortal races, and from those relationships the first planetouched were born.

Eventually the wars on Adra subsided and the angelic and infernal forces returned to their own realms, but the children remained. Those born of a devil were eventually called tieflings, and the children of angels were called aasimar. As time passed, the tieflings eventually bonded together and began to build grand cities near volcanoes and other warm places where their natural affinity to fire benefited them. Likewise, the aasimar built cities atop tall mountain peaks among the clouds where they could be near the angels that created them.

Tensions inevitably grew between the two, and after a thousand years of peace a long and bloody war broke out between them. The brutal fighting drove both to the point of extinction, leaving the once-great cities little more than deserted ruins. Thought to be long since dead by some, the appearance of a member of either of these races is commonly viewed as an omen of change, for better, or for worse.

Little remains of the planetouched civilization. The city of Phillea is thought to have been built on the ruins of an ancient tiefling ruins, and at least some believe the Dragon in the Mountain dwells on or near another ruins.


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