Gods of Light

Most of the races of Adra worship the god of light in one shape or form. The elves worship the radiant dragon Va’ari while the humans worship the Champion Aurelius. Regardless of the trappings, this is the god of Light and Civilization.

Aurelius, the First Champion (Humans)

Aurelius was the first avatar, born to a world that was dark and terrifying. Human civilization was in its infancy and the few city-states that emerged warred constantly with one another. Aurelius emerged as a champion of the people, and united all of humanity to a common ideal of protection and civilization. His vision established the first trade with the elves and allowed peace to reign over Adra for many years.

Clerics of Aurelius spread the message of unity among people of all races, wishing to drive civilization to a common goal of peace and prosperity. Paladins of Aurelius seek to spread the light to all the dark corners of the world, banishing evil before it can spread.

Those who follow Aurelius are most often Lawful Good, and the symbol of his worship is a golden sunburst.

Va’ari, the Radiant Dragon (Elves)

The elves envision the god of light as the dragon Va’ari. Va’ari is the dragon of radiance and wisdom, the opposite and other half of Sah’ra the god of darkness and death. Va’ari embodies the principles of wisdom and civilization, encouraging the responsible use of natural resources for the betterment of mankind.

Clerics of Va’ari wish to spread the wisdom of the radiant dragon across the world, developing civilization to progress peacefully. Paladins of Va’ari attempt to protect civilization from those who would harm it, defending cities from invading barbarians or other such chaos.

Those who follow Va’ari are most often Lawful Neutral, and the symbol of her worship is a rampant radiant dragon.

Gods of Light

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