The Inquisition is an organization within the Anarian Empire that was created to control mages and execute those deemed too dangerous to exist. The Inquisition is a mostly human organization, formed of three branches that operate independent of each other, the Order of Scribes, the Order of Spellblades, and the Order of Hunters.

The Scribes are made up almost wholly of magic users that dedicate their time to the research of magic and its use to benefit the world. Many within the order focus on creating magic items that were lost to time, while others attempt to re-create long-lost spells. Almost all of the Scribes are worshipers of Aurelius, the First Champion.

The Spellblades are a militaristic order of magic users who aim to defend the empire from the threat of unsanctioned mages and other dangerous foes. They are also the more balanced of the three orders. While they hunt down unsanctioned users of magic, they also believe that it is important that the old ways of magic are preserved and maintained. Unlike Scribes and Hunters, Spellblades dedicate themselves to the gods of Light and Darkness, believing there should always be a balance.

Like the Spellblades, the Order of Hunters tracks down dangerous mages and brings them to justice. However, the Hunters will often travel beyond the borders of the empire, believing it is best to track threats down to the source, rather than wait for the inevitable attack. The Hunters also reject all use of magic, for fear of becoming “corrupted” by the over-reliance on magic. Almost all hunters worship the goddess Denue, the Champion of Shadows.

Those who are caught by the Inquisition are of many types those who have used their magics for evil deeds and there fore removed, tradesmen who were found out due to investigation, and so called oracles are among them. Those caught are forced to register who they are and what they have at their disposal. Many registered mages are then contracted by the Anorian Empire to work as researchers or War-Casters with Inquisition handlers. Then there are those who believe in what the Inquisition does and believe those with magic abilities should fix the problems their kind have wrought upon the world. These steadfast individuals tend to join either the Spellblades or become Witch-hunters tasked with hunting down other mages.

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