Sanctioned Mages

By decree of the Anarion Empire, all children that manifest any sort of magical ability must register as Sanctioned Mages by their 16th birthday, as abilities usually appear by the time a child goes through puberty. A child who registers is thoroughly examined by a member of the Scribes who determines what, if any, threat the child poses. If a child’s powers are deemed useful, they are taken from their families and brought to the Inquisition to join one of the Orders.

Unsanctioned Mages

Anyone who refuses to register, both within the empire and out, are considered heretics and are labelled as Unsanctioned. Those who commit evil deeds are relentlessly hunted by Inquisitorial forces and rarely live to see any kind of trial. Those who use their abilities for trade and divination are often investigated but are rarely persecuted beyond being forced to register. Many of these “redeemed” mages are contracted by the Anarian Empire to work as researchers or War-Casters with Inquisitorial handlers.

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Sanctioned Mages

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